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Anyone who knows me would probably say that well, Andrea can’t really do anything small. And why would my bachelorette be any different right?

Truth be told the only reason my squad and I were even able to take a week in Mexico was because I pretty much have the best Bestie ever. She happens to have a timeshare in Mexico and when it came time to plan the trip it seemed like the natural destination. Who wouldn’t want to visit a beautiful resort with a swim up bar and beautiful beach? Exactly.

And guys, it was perfection. Absolute perfection. We arrived to a beautiful resort with breathtaking views and it seriously was the most perfect relaxing week and my squad spoiled me! Like ultimate spoiled. Each day someone gave me a super thoughtful gift but what made it so special is that everyone had practically a little speech before. You have no idea how much it means to hear such sweet kind words from these people who have literally helped shaped who I am today. I was practically crying tears of joy every day.

But let’s be real Bachelorette’s can sometimes be a source of tension and stress but don’t worry I have you covered! Here are my 5 tips for to keep the peace and everyone happy!

  1. Be respectful. Well duh. That’s a given right? But I’m talking about all the things that come along with going or traveling to whatever destination you are going to. Weather it’s the downtown bar or across the country. You want to make sure you give your girls and guys plenty of time to plan, save, and decide if they can make it. This is a big financial commitment and even time commitment. If someone can’t make it, or someone has a prior engagement don’t be that girl and throw a tempter tantrum. These are your favorite people and let’s keep it that way.
  2. You might be the Bride but give back. I know, I know …its my party?! I should be the one treated. That very well is the case but these girls made the effort to plan you an amazing night or weekend and a little goes a long way. Maybe it’s just hand written cards as everyone arrives, or fun totes to use during the weekend. There are so many small gestures that can help you show your appreciation because trust me they are spoiling you rotten as you so deserve.
  3. Don’t invite the whole world. We all love a good party with ALL the people but trust me you might want to pull the reigns a little when thinking about who you want to invite. This should be the most drama free, fun filled experience. So if your kinda sorta good friend is nearby and could probably make it, leaver her off. We don’t have time for drama.
  4. Drink Champagne but drink water. Ladies let’s not get to sloppy. We all know who we are talking about. And we don’t want to be her. Have your fun but don’t forget to eat and don’t forget that water. No one wants to be sick and feeling miserable.
  5. Let it go. Don’t go building up expectations and be disappointed if something did or didn’t happen. These are your besties and even if things don’t go perfectly you are all together and that’s what really matters.

Bonus: Take as many pictures as you possibly can because just like all things wedding related it goes by so fast! And trust me this will be an event you don’t want to forget!

Ps- Don’t I have the best looking squad ever? We need someone else to get engaged so we can have another excuse for bachelorette paradise!




February 8, 2018

All the things

Oh Hello there!

Welcome to my crazy, nonstop world of events, weddings, flowers, dinners, and most recently, online shop! If we haven’t met yet I’m Andrea, that’s me down there.

B&Co.-2830 copy.jpg


I am the girl who has always loved planning events, and back in the day I actually used to have a blog called Simply Pink. Yes, I really loved the color pink and I was all about simple. Neither of those things have really changed. I suppose it was a lifestyle blog, and a source of inspiration as I got my business, Cinta Events, off the ground.

Fast forward 5 years and that little blog has fallen by the wayside, but the side hustle of Cinta Events has grown, little by little, into what it is today. Are you wondering what exactly we do here at Cinta? Well let me tell you a bit about where we started and how it’s evolved.

Cinta Dinners was our original name, and it started out of a love for cooking, dinner parties and community. I LOVE getting everyone around one big table visiting and sharing all the latest gossip or just talking about the little parts of the day. When I was going to school at Oregon State I would host Monday night dinners and do exactly that: cook and gather everyone around for what, in my eyes, is the perfect way to spend an evening.

Now don’t get me wrong, I can hold my own in the kitchen, but in my friend group everyone knows who the real chef is. Enter my sidekick Jereme. On a road trip home from Canada in 2011 we dreamed up what would become Cinta Dinners. Jereme would create the menu, and I would make desserts, design a decor theme, and create the floral arrangements. It turned out to be a match made in heaven, and for the last 6 years we have been happily entering homes, cooking amazing dinners, setting beautiful tables, and giving clients the experience of being loved on and taken care of.

Over the years as I’ve grown as a person, Cinta has also grown. Two years into the dinners I started taking on more jobs exclusively creating floral arrangements. My passion has always been for weddings and as more time has gone on I’ve been so blessed to help brides with florals, event design, and coordination of their big days. It’s been a wonderful experience growing my business and adding more to Cinta Events.

This brings us to last summer. As I was planning my own wedding, I started to realize how grand I wanted the day to be, and I figured some extra income may be a good idea to help pay for it all. Let’s be honest, my biggest motivation was to make enough money to pay for my newly purchased wedding dress, which happened to be double my budget. *oops*. I was already planning to make my own wedding totes, so I thought I could try to sell them and maybe earn a little extra money.

So that’s when I decided to open an Etsy store. I didn’t think that I would be able to make that much money from my store, but hey every penny counts right? I am still in utter shock at how quickly it has grown! I just recently passed the 1,500th sale mark and did it in under a year. It has taken over my life in ways I never could have imagined, and for those of you wondering, I did pay for my dress! So yay for that!

Oh did I mention I also have a day job? Yeah I’m a bit busy over here.

So to recap, what does Cinta Events do? Well, we do everything. We will throw you a dinner party, plan your wedding, or get your whole squad looking great with tees and totes. We love it all and as Cinta continues to grow we hope you come along for the ride!

This blog is not only going to be a place to keep up to date on the everyday happenings, but also a resource. A place for advice on running your own online store, tips for throwing your next party and so much more. I can’t wait to see what we build here together, so until next time…

Ta-ta for now!


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